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Unformatted text preview: GREEK GOVERNMENT SPARTA: Oligarchy -- "rule by the few" as in a iunta. Lacon — province of the Spartans. Spartans were people of few words—hence. "laconic" Thermopylae — a heroic "last stand" against overwhelming odds. The Thirty Tyrants -- a group of oppressive governors sent by Sparta to rule Athens after the Peloponnesian War. ATHENS: demos — liter-ally, "of the people" —- root word of democracy. Draco -- an early Athenian judge notorious for harsh punishments. Solon -- an important early Athenian lawgiver or legislator — hence, a term for a_li legislators. Delos‘ —- a small island in the Aegean which housed the treasury of the Delian League .. an alliance of Athens and surrounding city-states to defeat the Persians. Pericles — elected stramgps. or governor. for almost 30 years. Oversaw rebuilding of Athens after Persian Wars in "Golden" or "Periclean" Age. Thucydides -- the first "modern" historian who tried to record " just the facts." Author of History of the Peloponnesian War - considered the first responsible and objective work of history. The Plague — an outbreak of TSS around 330 BC which demonstrated how desperate and unlawful even the Athenians could he. hubris -- inappropriate or arrogant pride. ...
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