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Unformatted text preview: MAJUH FIGURES IN HUMEH’S THE ILIAD Greek side AGAMEMNON - King ol Myoenae end oommander—in—ohief of Greeks. MENELAUS —~ hls brother, King oi Sparta and husband ol. . . HELEN — wile ol Menelaus and the most beautiful woman of the Heroic Age "whose face launched a thousand shlpst" ACHILLES - Hero of The Iliad and greatest Greek warrior. son of Peleue [a mortal} and Thetis {Goddess of the Earth}. PATHUCULUS -- his best friend, a hot-headed young warrior eager to prove himself in oombat. GDDDESSES: HEFlA -- wlfe of Zeus, King of the Gods fll‘ld ATHENA — Goddess or Wisdom Troian side earner -- King oi Troy HECTOR -— his son, a prince of Troy, and greatest Trojan Troian hero. PARIS — his brother, also a prince, of Troy, a handsome ladies* man who would rather make love thonwar. APHHQDITE -- Goddess of Love and Beauty who bribed Paris to win a "divine" beauty contest. ZEUS — King of the gods, basioally Impartial but forced to let the Greeks win the war as decreed by the F3133. ...
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