18%20-%20ANCIENT%20INDIA - Ancient India and Hindu...

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Unformatted text preview: Ancient India and Hindu Pautheism “Hindu” eemes frem the Sanskrit [ancient Indian language] werd fer hides River (Sindu). l‘he Hindu religien identifies the saered net as a superhuman persenality. but as an impartial, ail—pervading eusrnie Spirit—u beiief ktlevin as pentheism. O Pantheisrn states that the whole universe is sacred. é Hinduism heiieves in the oneness efti'le Spirit but warships that spirit tltreugit a multitude nt— deities. The Vedas (ea- ISUU BC): i India‘s eldest devntinnul itfltls [Veda means “sacred knuwledge“l tench mmvhi'p through printer and sra'rijfiee. ¢ ehiel'Vedie deities are the sky Lied. Shiva, and the sun gmL Vishnu. The Upunishuds {first written tinwn TlHi—Sflti LtL‘): i emphasise enfightenmenr through meditation. ti state that Brahman is the infinite. l‘emfless. unpersenal, and unknewahle Fur-2e iii the universe, the Lit‘leaused Cause and the Ultimate Reality. 1! Brahman is manifested in the individual as Airman. er the Self. i Believers can aehieve the unien ef Brahman and flatten. rejeeting the werld ni‘iiiusiun anti igueranee. eel).r threugi'l meditatiun. e Hindus believe in a sueeessien ef lives. er rehirths. ealled reineatnatiens, geverued h}: the Law of Karma which states that eelleetive spiritual energy gained fi‘em the deeds ene dues in life determines the state ul‘ene’s next life. + the geal efthe Hindu is in achieve Hffi‘aflfl. the eittij'ietien er release at“ the self inte the fihsnlute Spirit [ the ultimate unien ef simian with Brahman]. p The Bhugeved—Gife (The Song (#5033: O euntain the Fundamental teachings at‘Hinduism. f are take-rt [turn one episude uf the wurid‘s lungest t'titi-t epic. the Mnhabarata (Great Deeds ef the Bharata Clan}. Essence nf Hindu belief: i I Iinduism asserts the nness nfn'iatter and spirit. § whereas tither religinns may,r assert the imperishabt'filjv (if human euriseiuusness. Hinduism seeks iLs exft'nctirm in nirvana. if instead nl'seeking eternal life. the Hindu tries tn eseape the Wheel of Rebirth. ...
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18%20-%20ANCIENT%20INDIA - Ancient India and Hindu...

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