Lecture Outline 18, Industrialization, 1877-1920

Lecture Outline 18, Industrialization, 1877-1920 - Lecture...

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1Lecture 18, Industrialization, 1877-1920 1. Introduction: a. Industrialization changed people’s lives and the economy. i. Machines restructured people’s lives and production techniques ii. Mechanization changed the nature of work iii. Technology increased workers in manufacturing, transportation 1860 = 1/4 of workforce 1900 = ½ of workforce b. Was industrialization a positive force? i What kind of world did industrialization create? ii Were people more or less free? iii For whom was industrialization good? For who was it bad? 2 Technology and the Triumph of Industrialism a Marriage of government and business i Patents issued by government skyrocketed. b Thomas Edison and the Birth of the Electrical Industry i George Westinghouse ii Henry Villard iii J. P. Morgan; c Henry Ford and the Automobile Industry i “I want to democratize the automobile.” ii Mass-produced automobiles iii Each unit was exactly the same d. Du Ponts and the Chemical Industry i Gunpowder manufacturing ii Cellulose–makes up the cell wall in plants; Use for . . photographic film rubber lacquer textile fibers plastics Adopted new managerial techniques control production process Implemented better accounting methods Re-invested earnings to make higher profits. e. Influence of New Machines i Technology restructured . .. how businesses operated people’s everyday decisions ii Communications: telephones, typewriters iii Eating habits: refrigeration, canned foods iv Economies of Scale Business conducted on a larger scale to lower costs Required larger markets
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Could result only if . .. production was streamlined
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Lecture Outline 18, Industrialization, 1877-1920 - Lecture...

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