Lecture Outline 13, Westward Expansion

Lecture Outline 13, Westward Expansion - Lecture 13...

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1Lecture 13, Westward Expansion Main Ideas : * Period under consideration: 1830-1865 * The West made Americans consider . .. individual opportunities national progress * How did the US acquire its western territory? * What was the meaning of Manifest Destiny? 1. Probing the Trans-Mississippi West a. Population dispersal: i. Most Americans lives east of the Miss. River, pre-1840 ii. Several new states admitted to union, 1815-1840 b. Foreign Claims and Possessions i. Spain controlled most of trans-Miss. west ii. Oregon Country: claimed by US and Great Britain c. Early Interest in the West i. Why did people head west? 1) Religious idealism * Marcus and Narcissa Whitman 2) Commercial goals * Fur trappers 3) Manifest Destiny * It was “manifestly” clear that our “destiny” was to head west * US had superior institutions * US had God-given right (obligation) to head west 2. Winning the Trans-Mississippi West a. Annexing Texas, 1845 i. Spain controlled southern North America, from FL to CA ii. Spain weakened politically iii. Americans rushed into Spanish territories iv. American occupation of Texas began with Florida 1) Spain ceded FL to US, 1819 US renounced claims to TX Expansionists called for annexation of TX 2) Mexico offered land to settlers in exchange for . .. small payment Catholicism Mexican citizenship 3) Stephen F. Austin settled 300 families Many brought slaves with them v. Americans . .. 1) remained culturally distinct from Tejanos 2) resented Mexican laws 3) formed rebellion
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4) declared Republic of Fredonia vi. Mexican government . .. 1) regretted its policy 2) got tough by abolishing slavery 3) collecting customs on illegally smuggled items vii. Tensions continued 1) Battle of the Alamo, 1835 Sam Houston Mexicans were victorious
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Lecture Outline 13, Westward Expansion - Lecture 13...

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