Lecture Outline 20, Gilded Age Politics, 1877-1900

Lecture Outline 20, Gilded Age Politics, 1877-1900 - A....

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1Gilded Age Politics, 1877-1900 I. Introduction A. Rise of special interests B. Legislative accomplishments 1. railroad regulation 2. currency 3. civil service C. Political exclusion II. The Nature of Party Politics A. Cultural-Political Alignments B. Party Factions 1. Reps. a. Stalwarts b. Half-Breeds c. Mugwumps 2. Dems. a. White Southerners b. Immigrants c. Businessmen III. Politics in the Industrial Age A. Soldiers’ Pensions B. Civil Service Reform 1. Pendleton Civil Service Act (1882) C. Railroad Regulation 1. Interstate Commerce Commission D. Monetary Policy 1. Crime of ‘73 E. Legislative Accomplishments IV. Limits of Gilded Age Politics A. Violence Against African Americans B. Disfranchisment Begins C. Legal Segregation D. Woman Suffrage V. Agrarian Unrest and Populism
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Unformatted text preview: A. Sharecropping and Tenant Farming in the South B. Hardship in the Midwest and West C. Grange Movement D. The White Hats E. Farmers Alliances F. Subtreasury Plan VI. The Depression of the 1890s A. Continuing Currency Problems 1. Bland-Allison Act (1878) 2. Sherman Silver Purchase Act (1890) B. Effects of a New Economic System VII. Depression-Era Protests A. Sots B. Eugene V. Debs C. Coxeys Army VIII. Populist, Silver, and the Election of 1896 A. Stifling Biracial Dissent B. Free Silver C. Republican Nomination of McKinley D. William Jennings Bryan E. Election Results F. The McKinley Presidency 1. Gold Standard Act (1900)...
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Lecture Outline 20, Gilded Age Politics, 1877-1900 - A....

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