Lecture Outline-Progressivism

Lecture Outline-Progressivism - 9. National Reform a. The...

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1Progressivism, 1900-1917 1. Progressivism and the Protestant Spirit 2. Muckrakers and “Realism” a. Increased Newspaper and Magazine Circulation b. The Turn Toward Realism 3. Settlement Houses and Women’s Activities a. Hull House i. Jane Addams (1889) 4. Cultural Conservatism of Progressive Reformers i. Sexuality/New Woman ii. Alcohol iii. A Nation of Clubwomen 5. Municipal Reform a. City Commission Plan b. City Manager Plan 6. Political Reform in the States a. Restoring Sovereignty to “the People” i. Direct Primary ii. Direct Election of Senators iii. Initiative iv. Referendum v. Recall 7. Creating a Virtuous Electorate a. Australian Ballot 8. Economic and Social Reform in the States a. Robert LaFollette and Wisconsin Progressivism b. Wisconsin Idea c. John Commons d. Wisconsin Industrial Commission
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Unformatted text preview: 9. National Reform a. The Roosevelt Presidency b. Regulating the Trusts c. Toward a "Square Deal" 10. Expanding Government Power: The Economy a. Interstate Commerce Commission (1887) b. Hepburn Act (1906) c. Pure Food and Drug Act d. Meat Inspection Act 11. Expanding Government Power: The Environment a. National Park Service (1916) b. Public Lands Commission (1903) 12. The Rise of Woodrow Wilson a. The Unexpected Progressive b. The Election of 1912 13. The Wilson Presidency a. Tariff Reform and a Progressive Income Tax i. Underwood-Simmons Tariff passed Congress (1913) b. The Federal Reserve Act (1913) 14. From the New Freedom to the New Nationalism a. Federal Trade Commission Act (1914)...
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Lecture Outline-Progressivism - 9. National Reform a. The...

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