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Lecture Outline-World War I

Lecture Outline-World War I - i Vladimir Lenin D Wilson’s...

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1World War I, 1914-1920 1. Europe’s Descent into War A. Archduke Ferdinand B. Technology C. Trench Warfare 2. American Neutrality A. Submarine Warfare i. Sinking of Lusitania (May 7, 1915) B. Peace Movement i. “League of Nations” speech (May 27, 1916) C. Wilson's Vision: "Peace without Victory" i. “Peace without victory” speech before Senate (January 22, 1917) ii. Necessary conditions: a. freedom of the seas b. disarmament c. self-determination for all nations d. democratic self-government e. security against aggression D. German Escalation i. Zimmerman Telegram 3. American Intervention A. Overthrow of Russian tsar B. US enters war April 2, 1917 C. Bolshevik Revolution
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Unformatted text preview: i. Vladimir Lenin D. Wilson’s Fourteen Points i. reaffirm US commitment to international cooperation ii. renounce territorial acquisition E. Entente Defeats Triple Alliance i. American Expeditionary Force ii. War ended: November 11, 1918 4. The Failure of the International Peace A. Three Proposals: #1: --free trade for all--freedom of the seas--open diplomacy--disarmament--mediation to resolve disputes #2: --self-determination for ea. nation #3: --establish League of Nations B. The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of C. Versailles D. The League of Nations E. Wilson versus Lodge: The Fight over Ratification E. The Treaty's Final Defeat...
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