Lecture Outline-The Twenties

Lecture Outline-The Twenties - The 1920s 1. Introduction:...

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1The 1920s 1. Introduction: a. The 1920s . .. was a departure from the Progressive era symbolized the birth of the “modern” age Women Technology Culture: Scientific culture b, Not all Americans accepted “modernism” i, Fundamentalists ii, Ku Klux Klax c, The 1920s is a decade of contradictions: i ,Modernists and traditionalists faced each other in . .. Politics Legislatures Courtrooms Newspapers 2. Prosperity a. First World War was good for the US economy i. Overseas markets ii. Bankers extended loans b. A Consumer Society i. New products proliferated: 19 th century–heavy equipment: Largescale machinery Farm equipment Railroad tracks 20 th century–consumer goods: Model-T Ford Washing machines Refrigerators Electric irons Radios Vacuum cleaners c. People's Capitalism i. Capitalists proclaimed the economic system . .. was democratic had banished poverty ii. In reality, millions of Americans could not participate. Wages had risen Real wages had dropped (purchasing power) iii. Solution to the problem?: Consumer credit Installment plans d. Rise of Advertising and Mass Marketing
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i. Advertising coaxed people into purchasing more goods. ii. Advertisers . .. targeted workers alienated by bureaucratic workplaces appealed to people’s insecurities e. Celebrating Business Civilization i. Businessmen .
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Lecture Outline-The Twenties - The 1920s 1. Introduction:...

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