Lecture Outline-Fighting the Second World War

Lecture Outline-Fighting the Second World War - Fighting...

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1Fighting the Second World War, 1929-1945 1. Introduction: a. 60 million people were killed b. For the US, war meant . .. i. expanded national government ii. social change iii. economic change iv. enhanced productive capacity (1) new technology (2) new relationship between government and (a) business (b) labor (c) science 2. The Road to War: Aggression and Response a. War really began during depression of 1930s i. International crisis ii. Political instability iii. Economic collapse iv. Unemployment b. European nations turned inward (isolationism) c. European nations expanded their borders i. Rise of Aggressor States (1) Japan (a) military seized Manchuria (Manchukuo), 1931 (2) Italy (a) Benito Mussolini rose to power, 1922 (b) Built military (c) Invaded Ethiopia, 1935 (3) Germany (a) Adolph Hitler rose to power, 1933 (b) Headed National Socialist Party (Nazis) (c) Denounced Versaille Treaty (d) Built military (e) Preached German racial superiority (f) Called for Lebensraum: “living space” d. Isolationist Sentiment and American Neutrality i. US adopted isolationist stance (1) Nye Committee report: concluded bankers, industrialists profitted from WW I (2) Congress enacted neutrality legislation (a) arms embargos against belligerents (b) prohibited loans to belligerents (c) stopped Americans from traveling on belligerents’ ships (d) imposed trade embargos on warring nations ii. Britain and France adopted policy of “appeasement”
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iii. Germany . .. (1) re-militarized Rhineland, 1936 (2) aided Spain’s Gen. Francisco Franco (fascist dictator) (3) used Spain to train troops (4) annexed Austria (1938) (5) announced plans to seize Sudetenland (a) part of Czechoslovakia (b) contained 3.5 million Germans e. Growing Interventionist Sentiment i. Spanish Civil War ii. Some Americans support republicans who fought Franco iii. Americans divide into . .. (1)
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Lecture Outline-Fighting the Second World War - Fighting...

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