law exam2 - Test#2*Will never be able to instill same...

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Test #2 *Will never be able to instill same opinions/interests among humans; commercial/political developments represent differences *Law reflects political balances of power; law generated to facilitate growth & expansion of commerce, industrial development, and trade * allows people to predict outcomes (setting up expected outcomes) caveat emptor : people engaging in contracts with one another; “let the buyer beware” laussez faire : “leave it alone” – used as hands off in economic business (1800s) to regulate economy; leave economy alone to promote growth as is being done debtor o Charles Bridge in Boston (free) – gave monopoly b/c destroyed ferry business. Stage legislature decided to give bridge monopoly for 6 years, charging toll on another, year 7 Charles didn’t have monopoly anymore Charles contract was breached, but MASS won b/c SC nullified contract due to it being informal & economic policy argument (deference to state gov’t) – more important for state to maintain economic growth * LAND LAWS Corporations can sue, own land/property – give entities to corps (who aren’t people) o Allowing people to form corps allows people to protect their rights/properties so corps is like building legal wall (corp has losses, its indicted [not the person]) Primogeniture: primary set of land laws o 1 st son inherits land – will need contracts, laws, enforcement of laws thru govt o Possession = Rights o Actual transfer o Disputes Actual contract Ejectment: only those who truly own land can pass it down; caused many disputes when there were not real contracts documented somewhere – ie. Witnesses Modern US Law : more simple and easy to use; system of courts & laws that lead to easy transfer of laws (real estate); can trace legal ownership of houses/buildings Adverse Possession : recognized that those who possessed o need title offices to prove land is theirs o test ownership: placed burden on buyer o If own land 30 yrs maintaining it, will have permanent record it belongs to them o Fed gov’t caused problem b/c land distributed; saved economy by selling land Land Grants: fed gov’t gave land as dowry gifts to get states started & land for parks, but caused land title problem b/c never gave titles to those who owned land Zoning: what land can be used for (ie. Quarries, flood zones) o First attempt problems: overlap of where business/houses located o Grandfathering – can stay but not continue to move in future Preservation Codes o Keeps historical house the way it originally was & preserving it for years to come (owners can
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law exam2 - Test#2*Will never be able to instill same...

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