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Business Paper - "Born to Buy The Commercialized Child and...

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“Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture” Introduction: In the book, “Born to Buy,” Juliet B. Schor gives specific details about this new culture of commercialized children that is being seen in society. She proves that marketers need to look into different marketing research techniques; however, she also explains that marketers who focus on the commercialization of children are being unethical. Whether these ideas are easily agreeable or ones to disagree with, Schor wrote this book using in depth case studies. Main Concept: In marketing today, there is a new consumer culture of commercialized children. This necessity of commercial products is proven through statistics that show children are intrigued by brands and advertisements. Children watch 40,000 commercials, request about 3,000 different products annually, and by first grade, these children own two hundred brands. In addition, children today shop and play inside compared to the children in earlier generations whom worked and played outside. Schor believes that this is the time marketers should focus on children because they are the ones who request 3,000 products annually. To market to these individuals, marketers must look into the child psyche using three major concepts:
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Business Paper - "Born to Buy The Commercialized Child and...

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