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Confidential Company Overview Company Overview Background For many years children have suffered from a lack of community interaction with exhilarating activities to keep them busy after school and on weekends. Today, the interactive recreational market has grown sparingly, fulfilling the need for children’s activities and creating a community outlet. “30 million households suffer from mouse attacks every day…” - [Prominent Industry Magazine or Resource] GAS will launch an operating infrastructure, with strategic sponsors and alliances. GAS is now launching its services, as well as its fundamental business model, to take full advantage of interactive activities. We have just started the development of an interactive center—a novel and proprietary approach to children’s recreational activities. GAS will be established as a Partnership based on the advice of our advisory board. This structure will give us the greatest tax and operational advantages based on the nature of our business and our anticipated growth. GAS will be located at 5 th Avenue, with satellite offices in Williamsport, PA. Planned expansion may expand to other facilities as sales increase. By [benchmark year] our operation [was / will be] producing [$x] [sales / units / services] annually, and [has operated / is expected to operate] at [financial condition—profitable, break-even, etc.] [ever since / through the xxx phase of the service life cycle]. Revenue projected for fiscal year 20[xx], without external funding, is expected to reach $[x]. Annual growth projections indicate an [increase / decrease] of [x]% per year through 20[xx]. Now, GAS is at a point where [what you need or want to do next]. We intend to secure $[x] through [a / an] [line of credit / SBA loan / angel investor / venture funding] to [expand our service line / enhance or improve our family of proven services / acquire xxx / upgrade our production facilities, etc]. Business Description GAS services include recreational activities, gaming exercise equipment, and an after-school care program with optional tutoring services with our primary focus on enhancing the lives of children. GAS was started when founders G ina, A manda, and S arah discovered an opportunity to make use of their extensive skills and experience in education, community service, and athletics. At the same time, this opportunity afforded each founder the means to meet several specific personal goals, including making a contribution in the community. The business was initially introduced to several non-profit organizations, recreational facilities, and willing sponsors as a concept before the actual business was launched. The concept was received [enthusiastically / warmly, with suggestions for appropriate enhancements / coolly until the additional elements of xxx and xxx were incorporated]. As this service concept originated out of a recognized need in [prospective customer company] where the founder(s) [is / are OR was / were] employed, upper
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Service Overview - Confidential Company Overview Background...

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