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scavanger hunt - or Tybee Island A day trip to Historic...

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Brianna Przybysz 900621344 #1- 77%, 2700 #2- "the producers" 7:30 #3- ringmaster #4- deirdre newson #5-feb 23, mtn biking day trip, $15, Ga, registration deadline feb 22 #6- registrar's office(because i'm an accel student) #7- head coach- chad challihan, no asst. coach listed #8- march 10th #9- By telephone at (912) 681-5429 By e-mail at [email protected] In person in the Marvin Pittman Administration Building, Suite 6 (ground floor). #10- 2.73 #11- black alumni of georgia southern club, mid 90's #12- september 21, 2007 #13- Mon-Thus 10AM-10PM, Fri 10 AM- 2Pm #14- jon simpson #15- A Saturday trip to the beach at Hilton Head
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Unformatted text preview: or Tybee Island A day trip to Historic Savannah A Chemistry/Biology picnic at Mill Creek Park including a cool dip at Statesboro's own waterpark, Splash in the 'Boro A Chemistry vs. Biology volleyball challenge on Georgia Southern's Sweetheart Circle A trip to George L. Smith state park for a day of canoeing, hiking, or just relaxing in the sun Evening cookouts at faculty members' homes #16- steven jacobson #17- progressive muscle relaxation, 8 #18- physcological stressors, environmental stressors, cognative stressors, social stressors #19- for the love of techno...
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  • Spring '08
  • Harris
  • Savannah, Georgia, georgia southern club, Marvin Pittman Administration Building, registration deadline feb, cognative stressors

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