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Brad Grafelman Freshman Engineer Professor Jeff Thomas: To meet the requirements set forth in last week’s assignment, I have submitted to you a semi-functional prototype of my product design, called the iTravel. Its basic functionality is to encase and protect an iPod while allowing the device to be placed within easy reach of the driver. The iPod is a very popular product, especially among young people. As these young people drive, many products on the market allow the iPod to integrate with a car’s stereo system to play music. My product allows the iPod to be placed in such a way that the driver’s attention doesn’t wander far from the road. Thus, one benefit of using an
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Unformatted text preview: iPod with my product is safety. My product is also planned to be convenient. As it is a semi-functional prototype, the accessories and components discussed hereafter have not been designed or included yet, though they are certainly feasible and could be produced over time. Three possible convenient accessories or components that could be included are: • Velcro strap to attach iTravel to steering wheel • Clip to attach iTravel to vents of car • Clip to attach iTravel to sun visor After examining the iTravel semi-functional prototype, I hope that you will find it marketable as a product that keeps a driver’s convenience and safety in mind. Sincerely, Brad Grafelman...
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