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Unformatted text preview: Munich agreement (1938) Agreement regarding Sudetenland Crisis (area of immense importance to Czech.s border defenses) that divided the state between Nazi German, Poland, and Hungary. Roosevelt kept US aloof but expressed tacit agreement w/ the policy of appeasement. Czech. not invited to conference. Pearl Harbor (12/7/41) Warning sent didnt arrive soon enough; soldiers at PH were caught off-guard, Japan crippled fleet & major base, brought US fully into WWII, united country behind Roosevelt as they realized the Axis power. Battle of Stalingrad D-Day (6/6/44) B. of Normandy begins, large seaborne/airborne assault across English channel to liberate Normandy in northern France. Main purpose was to get a foothold to begin the downfall of Nazi Germany A-bombs 2 dropped in Japan after fall of Germany, developed in secret since 1939 under Manhattan Project (refugee scis), Truman advised to drop them w/o warning, agreed, caused emperor to persuade ministers to surrender unconditionally on 8/14/1945. US stockpile + secrecy = postwar arms race that led into the Cold War between US and Russia who had secretly been researching A-bomb production (1 st exploded in fall 1949) Marshall plan Named after SoS George Marshall, massive European recovery act, offered economic aid to countries who would accept certain political and social reforms; Russia/satellites rejected, Marshall plan used to support non-Communist countries, helped bring countries far past pre-war levels Berlin airlift Stalin tested American resolve by blockading US part of Berlin (divided city w/in Russian area); Truman didnt want to start a war, initiated massive airlift of supplies/food while attempting diplomatic negotiations; Russia never made move of aggression and the tension slowly eased; marked end of initial phase of Cold War McCarthy Sen. Joseph McCarthy shocked public w/ accusing members of State Dept. as being communist in 1950, a time where the fear of communism spreading was high; no accusations stuck, but a McCarthy Sen....
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