Chapter 11 - then grows to adult size Sexual(some-•...

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Chapter 11 Symbiosis : The living together of two different species in an intimate relationship Commensalistic: 1 partner benefits, the other not affected Mutualistic: both partner benefit Parasitic: 37. Protist : unicellular eukaryotes Protozoa: 3 types; 1)Flagella (Diplomonads) 2)Cilia (paramecia) 3)Pseudopodia (amebas) 38. They are mostly heterotrophic (must get energy from outside source) Holozoic feeders (phagotrophs)- heterotrophes that feed on visible particles Saprozoic feeders (osmotrophes)- heterotrophes that ingest soluble food 39. They excrete wastes by diffusion, and use contractile vacuoles in osmoreguation (water balancing). Reproduction- all protozoa reproduce asexual Binary fission (most common)- when two essentially identical individuals result Multiple fission (schizogony or sporogony*) * sporogony is when multiple fission is preced by or associated with union of gametes Budding- when a progeny cell is considerably smaller than the parent and
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Unformatted text preview: then grows to adult size Sexual (some)-• Syngamy- fertilization of one gamete by another • Autogamy- gametic nuclei arise by miosis and fuse to form a zygote within the same organism that produced them • Conjucation- exchange of gametic nuclei occurs between paired organisms 40. Encystment (cyst formation)- to survive during harsh conditions. It is necessary for some parasitic forms to transfer from host to host Excysment (escape from cysts)- favorable environmental condition or conditions found in a new host 41. Trypanosoma brucei-African sleeping sickness, transmitted by tsetse flies Trypanosoma cruzi- Chagas’ disease, transmitted by kissing bugs Giardia lablia- transmitted by ingestion of cyst, causes diarrhea Toxoplasma gondii- human infections through ingestion of improperly cooked meat, ingestion of cysts from cat feces Malaria-PARASITIC protozoa are responsible for these diseases...
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Chapter 11 - then grows to adult size Sexual(some-•...

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