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Quinn Torres 11 April 2008 CO 150 sec. 6464 No Bar Code Summary: In the article No Bar Code”, Michael Pollan brings to our attention how in this age, no one pays attention to what happened to their food before it was eaten. Today, “Instead of getting stories about how it was produced accompanying our food, we get bar codes—as illegible as the industrial food chain itself, and a fair symbol of its almost total opacity.” Pollan goes on to tell us about a man named Joel Salatin who works at Polyface Farm, an type of organic farm not many people today hear of. Salatin refuses to take his food anywhere further than a half days drive because he doesn’t believe that any further than that is truly sustainable or organic. In addition he believes that “there isn’t
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Unformatted text preview: much of a difference between Whole Foods and Wal Mart,” to him they are both these large industrial corporations that will ship their food to wherever it can be best sold. Pollan also brings in a man named Wendell Berry into his essay, Berry believes that there may be a rebellion growing in the local food systems against then growing market. However, Salatin ends with this, “We don’t have to beat them, I’m not even sure we should try… All we need to do is empower individuals with the right philosophy and the right information to opt out en masse.” He’s not trying to force us into something, but wants us to be informed, and if we are, we will most likely feel differently then we do now....
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