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General Sociology

General Sociology - General Sociology October 4 2007...

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General Sociology October 4, 2007 Chapters 5 and 6 Behavioral Genetics and Sociobiology The of from 1991 to now is getting bigger. (Fatter) Colorado is the fittest state in the union only about 17% are obese. People are getting taller. Hormones and Behavior Sex hormones- testosterone and estrogen Steroid use Higher level of testosterone is associated with – affairs, no job, divorce, etc Feral children and the necessity of socialization Feral children are rare The result of extreme neglect, social confinement, and horrible abuse Can be profoundly mentally impaired Harry Harlow (1971) research at the primary laboratory at the university of Wisconsin Socialization is the processes of learning and development in which human beings acquire values technical and cultural skills and behaviors. The stock of productive skills and technical knowledge is their human capital Jean Piaget If everything is learned by way of external stimuli, how is invention possible? Learning is much more than copying and repetition Human mind develops in stages Brain is modular and matures in stages Mistakes that children make are not random- children commit consistent errors Piaget organized experimental results into a theory of staged learning 4 distinct stages of cognitive human development 1. Sensorimotor (birth to about age 2) 2. Preoperationa l (age 2-7) early part is devoted to language acquisition, this stage has considerable difficulty with mathematical concepts of volume and transitivity 3. Concrete Operational (age 7-12) rule of conservation is learned- how and
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object can change but maintain its underlying identity 4. Formal Operational (age 12 and up) learn to logically deduce outcomes from theories, logically reason though hypothetical scenarios. They learn
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General Sociology - General Sociology October 4 2007...

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