Personality - Personality What is personality? o...

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Personality What is personality? o Personality – psychological aspects of a person that are relatively stable over time and across situations o Four approaches to studying personality Psychodynamic approaches Humanistic approaches Trait approaches Cognitive – learning approaches Psychodynamic approaches o Brief overview Personality results from unconscious conflicts Personality develops in childhood and doesn’t change o Three levels of consciousness Conscious Normal awareness Rational, goal-directed Pre-Conscious Easily brought to consciousness Like long-term memory Unconcious Hidden thoughts and desires (not accessible) Biggest part of our personality Iceberg metaphor o Top is conscious o Middle that bobs up/down is preconscious o Underwater is unconscious o Personality Structure 1. The Id primitive compontent (present at birth) sexual and aggressive drives the pleasure principle (impulses, desires) unconscious 2. The Superego the conscience (internalized structures) restrains the Id somewhat conscious 3. The ego resolves conflicts between the id and the superego the reality principle
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Personality - Personality What is personality? o...

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