Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders - Psychological Disorders...

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Psychological Disorders Psychopathology o A disorder of the mind Mental illness o What is mental health? The disease model Distinguishes “normal” from “abnormal” The goal is to cure illness o Defining “abnormality” – A difficult task Three common criteria 1. Deviance from social norms of acceptability o self-mutilation is bad; plastic surgery is OK 2. Maladaptive for the individual (or society) 3. Causes of personal distress if al 3 criteria are met, theres a problem o The DSM-IV A book that categorizes mental disorders Published in 1952 Current version: DSM-IV(1994) More than 300 disorders o The DSM-IV uses a multiaxial classification system 5 axes 1. Clinical Disorders o panic disorder, depression, schizophrenia 2. Personality Disorders and mental retardation o narcissistic personality disorder 3. Medical conditions of relevance to mental disorders o obesity, cancer 4. Psychosocial or environmental problems
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Psychological Disorders - Psychological Disorders...

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