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Review sesh - o Limbic system o Eating disorders/sexual...

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Review sesh o **Reinforcements/punishments reinforcement if the behavior of interest goes up its reinforcement o if you are adding something it its positive o negative – taking away something to lead to a change in behavior punishment if the behavior of interest goes down it is punishment o experiments to focus thorndike law of effect o if a behavior has a positive outcome then it will be learned or repeated. BF skinner Watson Pavlov Albert van dureau Beating up bobo doll Learning behaviors from observation Dan shakter
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Unformatted text preview: o Limbic system o Eating disorders/sexual motivations o Generalization/discrimination Stimulus discrimination • Only specific substimuli will generate the behavior o Classical conditioning Learning and making associations o Operant conditioning (instumental conditioning) Engaging in a behavior that is learned o Heuristics in problem solving/decision making Shortcuts and rules of thumb • Physiological o Measuring • Cognitive o Experience and thinking • Biological o Genetics •...
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