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Review for final exam - Paul of Tarsus Be sure you know the...

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Review Guide for Untested Part of Final Examination, RS 101, Fall 2007 Apocrypha semeia canon dualism Judith high christology Sirach gnostic John the Baptist Chloe redaction criticism Phoebe ‘Q’ porneia Synoptic Gospels atonement “Four Document Hypothesis” Corinth messiah/christos Galatia apocalyptic eschatology Prisca and Aquila Sermon on the Mount Diaspora Judaism Sermon on the Plain Adam/Christ typology parable Gospel of Thomas disciple apostle magoi Theophilus Passion narrative gospel “beloved disciple” Mary of Magdala Simon Peter (Cephas)
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Unformatted text preview: Paul of Tarsus Be sure you know the significance of the following : 1. The place of the Old Testament Apocrypha in the canon. 2. The so-called “Synoptic Problem” and its proposed solution. 3. Aageson’s “three legs” of interpretation and their application. 4. The importance of “social location” in interpretation. 5. Paul’s understanding of salvation history. 6. Characteristics of apocalyptic eschatology and how they apply in the New Testament....
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