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keyword outline - -Quote 1-Quote 2 C Death Penalty is not...

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KEY WORD OUTLINE 11/15/06 I. Death Penalty Q: What If Someone Murdered a Person You Love? Would you want them killed as well or suffer for the rest of their life in prison? A. The Death Penalty B. History of Capital Punishment C. How it is performed in the United States THESIS- The death penalty is expensive, unfair, and unnecessary. It should be replaced with life imprisonment. II. The Death Penalty A. Expensive -trial is heavily reviewed, death row is expensive B. Capital Punishment is not fair -risk of wrongfully accused criminal, prejudice against crime/criminal, location matters, and rarely imposed anyway
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Unformatted text preview: -Quote 1-Quote 2 C. Death Penalty is not necessary-opposing viewpoint-bad example, no deterrent to crime, mixed signals, Quote 3, doesn’t solve anything III. Alternative Policy- Life Imprisonment What Should We Do? Replace Capital Punishment with Life Imprisonment. A. Less Expensive-process of killing someone is far more expensive than man dying in jail B. More Fair-no risk of an innocent person being killed, every criminal gets tried the same C. Better Punishment-criminal must suffer the rest of his life, will work to be somewhat useful D. Action- petition...
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