Overall History of France2 - Overall History of France...

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Overall History of France Enlightenment 1789-1792 Modern Revolution o Anti-clerical movement o Feared and resented the church o 1791 church controlled the state and changed the rules o Idea that the priest was elected not appointed o Demanded that the clergy oath of allegiance to the state but did NOT want a divided society that there was before. o There were two problems: (1) Foreign Intervention (2) Internal discontent 1793- 1814 the reign of Napoleon/Revolution (Bonapartist) o 1794- Reign of Terror o 1795- White terror, the whites of Paris want things to return to the way that things used to be, the army suppressed them and Napoleon gained respect, he was sent to Italy and then Egypt, he lost his army in Alexandria but was able to return home o 1802- the Concordat with catholic church and state, it recognized that the catholic church was not the most popular religion 1814 Restoration o When Louis XVIII was sent into exile he was able to compromise more. o Napoleon came back into power for 100 days but then was defeated at Waterloo in 1815. o Louis XVIII was back in charge and willing to compromise o Charles X took over after Louis XVIII and was not as willing to compromise o Charles X decided to make his own interpretation of the chart and he posted them in the July Ordinances, Adolphe Thiers decided that he would get many journalists together and printed them in protest to the chart, leading liberal parliamentary deputies (Exe. Guizot, Perier) were willing to risk a crisis in order to maintain the system of parliamentary government. o There was a uprising and Charles X sent troops to stop the people but the troops were very sympathetic to the rebels and after three days of fighting (three glorious days) o Charles X had to resign and flea to escape the same fate that his brother had 1830 The Revolution “The July monarchy” 1830
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Overall History of France2 - Overall History of France...

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