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Roman Republic Dome of Ceria (Golden House of Nero) Almost completed by Nero’s death Enormous complex Rome burned 14 different regions 7 seriously damaged 4 burned down and only 3 remained. Nero decided he needed a new palace on one of the burned down areas instead of giving it back to the citizens. It was a giant park-like setting with golden pleasure palace. The palace had a big artificial lake. Severes and Celer were the
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Unformatted text preview: architects. Flavion Amphitheater Built next to the Golden House of Nero after draining the artificial lake. Used concrete. Gladiators fought animals and each other. Romans used architecture to sway public opinion because they hated Nero with a passion. Cardo- Decumanus- Castrum- Valarium- canopy used to shield spectators from the light Arcuated- made of arches and vaults Clerestory- Apse-...
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