Lecture 2-Histology

Lecture 2-Histology - Histology to Definitions o...

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Histology September 14, 2007 to September 19, 2007 Definitions: o Tissue-usually defined as an aggregation of similar cells with similar function Definition is simplistic and misleading Better definition from Le Gros Clark (handout) o Histology-study of anatomy at the tissue level of organization Kinds of tissues o Epithelia o Connective tissue o Supporting tissue o Blood and related tissues o Muscle tissue o Nerve tissue Epithelia o Singular-epithelium o Sheet-like tissues that cover free surfaces or lie ducts, sacs, or tubes, and are attached to a basement membrane o Example-skin epidermis o Types of epithelia: Described according to stratification Stratification-layering of the tissue Simple-one layer of cells o Example-most epithelia of the kidney tubules Stratified-two or more layers of cells o Example-epidermis Psuedostratified-all cells attach to basement membrane but only some reach the free surface o Example-epithelium lining the colon Transitional-specialized form lining urinary bladder; capable of great stretching o Example- lining of urinary bladder and various ducts associated with the urogenital system See Histology 4 for diagrams Described according to cell shape Squamous-cells are wider than they are tall; flat cells Cuboidal-cube shaped cells Columnar-cells that are column like; cells taller than they are wide See Histology 5
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Lecture 2-Histology - Histology to Definitions o...

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