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Written assignment marking guide

Written assignment marking guide - Written assignment You...

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Written assignment You will need to check carefully for signs of plagiarism or copying of assignments. Also you need to remember to be consistent on late mark deductions. If anything has been potentially plagiarised, refer it to me. In terms of the amount of feedback on each assignment, you should make comments on each question as well as an overall comment on general assignment performance. There should also be some corrections of spelling and grammar. Maybe correct 1 or 2 paragraphs to indicate the sorts of mistakes students are making, then tell them to go through and edit the rest themselves. Students with obvious language problems should be told to go to CELT for further help. Question 1 (From topic 1, plus writing and editing from topic 3) Length: maximum 500 words The Government of Pacifica was revising its criminal law. It used a foreign advisor from Newlia to design the new law. The foreign advisor based Pacifica’s proposed Crimes Bill on the Crimes Act in Newlia. Parliament passed the Crimes Bill and Pacifica’s new Crimes Act has come into force. One section of it states: It is an offence to kill any cattle, pigs or goats other than by shooting or other humane methods as may be prescribed. Offenders will be subject on conviction to a maximum $500 fine and/or 3 months imprisonment. An important part of custom in Pacifica involves pig killing ceremonies in which pigs are clubbed to death. The International Humane Society has said that clubbing a pig is not a humane way of killing a pig. However, most citizens in Pacifica either do not know what the law is, or are ignoring the law as they feel their customary practices are more important than some “foreign” law. Most police officers are refusing to arrest people that are involved in pig killing ceremonies although some of the senior police are from Newlia and are arresting and prosecuting people involved in pig killing ceremonies. Since the law was passed 3 month ago, eight cases have gone to court. In these cases the judge has decided that there has been a breach of the law and has fined the offender 1 cent. ($0.01).
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