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TUTORIAL PRACTICE (1) Jan 2015 ENGINEERS & PROFESSIONALISM (PART 1) 10 Feb-Tuesday modulename=studio546e907102e8a49699487778867082c8&author=d64120efbf1ce2b59 baeb8acc16fa66a&cat=acustudio&standalone=0&amhost=presentur.ntu.edu.sg&asname= NTU-NBS&ashost= %2Fpresentur.ntu.edu.sg%2Fpodcast%2Fget.asp%3FMethod%3DWeb%26id %3D&mp4=0&mp3ids=1%24147716&search=1&toctype=0&tocfocus=1&lang=en- us&v7=1&acuviewer=&User=Guest&useraccount=Guest&AuthorGroup=blackboard&U serGroup=&AuthorAccount=rsam&isGuestUser=&ckey=jcpihcacmlhgbgedjoeommepnll ibomjeldpoaicddfhdgohbhiceaojkkfiijhpfkpbplobfkjknngbigapnbbnjpmnepidcmbaemknnl bfkhglhkmboocnemohailicbhnkamnihfdmjaohjeckcmpbcbhjndljefnlbpifgmlfonnkimfonef okbhcaekfpnjfiimkkpmcbmkpnfnpkcagbpobmhadjgpadipiggfngeljphokfkhogciodlmfg 17 Feb- Tuesday The Engineer in Society 1.1. The Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revolution were two key phases in the history of engineering. For each of these three phases, (i) State the key development that took place during this phase. C (ii) Cite an important discovery during this phase and explain how it had contributed to the advancement of society. C 10 Feb- 0:43 – till the end 1.2. If history is all about things of the past, why should engineers spend time studying it? Does it make sense for present-day engineers to study the history of engineering? Why, or why not? Support your view with an example. 17 Feb- middle To understand why things happened, make sense of the present and the future, understand connections of engineering and human society aspects Disasters happen because - insufficient knowledge Roger Boisjoly – lacked the moral autonomy Yes, depends – Years and sorts: not really important; incidents – prevent more “engineering disasters” Example: Titanic, built to carry 5000 but lifeboats for 200; captain who learned from Apollo 13 1
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1.3. “Scientific knowledge cannot be translated into products without engineers”. Do you agree with this statement? Support your view with an example of a significant technological development of the modern era. 17 Feb- beginning Step1: Define keywords - scientific knowledge, products, engineers Step 2: Take a stand - I agree. Step 3: role of engineers, difference from scientists Bridge science with society (needs benefits) into action. Apply knowledge. Example: Newton’s Laws of Motion for aeroplanes, rockets; engineers benefit society, taking from foundation 1.4. While science is the pursuit of knowledge in its purest form, engineering plays the important role of connecting science to society. Explain the significance of this role of engineering, citing two examples. C 1.5. In contrast with science, engineering takes place in a dynamic and complex environment that is ever evolving. Explain two key challenges that engineers might have to face in such an environment and the skills that they will need to have in order to succeed.
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