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MAE 4500 - HW1 - conduct allowance analysis(b Select a...

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University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering MAE 4500: MANUFACTURING METHODS Spring 2010 Due on February 9, 2010 Assignment # 1 REMINDER: Make engineering quality sketches. Show step by step calculations following the class examples. 1. An assembly consists of housing A, spacer S, bearing B, and stepped shaft C as shown in Fig.1. The stepped shaft has to rotate freely inside the bearing. The bearing needs to be accurately positioned inside the housing above the spacer. The bearing should not be allowed to rotate inside the housing. Design the assembly by conducting the following steps: (a) Select a suitable type of fit (Class 5) for the sub-assembly (stepped shaft and bearing), determine the basic sizes and tolerances for the shaft and the bearing inside diameter, then
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Unformatted text preview: conduct allowance analysis. (b) Select a suitable type of fit (Class 2) for the bearing-housing sub-assembly and provide basic dimensions and tolerances for bearing outside diameter and housing inside diameter, then conduct allowance analysis from checking the accuracy of your design. Figure 1 2. Design a plug and snap gages to check the bearing internal diameter and shaft size in the design of problem # 1. Assume high production volume is required. Give detail drawings of the gages, indicate the type of material used and describe the surface roughness of the important surfaces. Use a CAD system in your presentation....
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