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ASH1044 studyguide2 - Fatimids : Fatimid Caliphate is a...

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Unformatted text preview: Fatimids : Fatimid Caliphate is a shiite dynasty. The Fatimids had their origins in what is modern Tunisia ("Ifriqiya") but after the conquest of Egypt about 970 CE, they relocated to a new capital, Cairo. Under the Fatimids, Egypt became the center of an empire that included at its peak North Africa, Sicily, Palestine, Syria, the Red Sea coast of Africa, Yemen and the Hejaz. Under the Fatimids, Egypt flourished and developed an extensive trade network in both the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, which eventually determined the economic course of Egypt during the High Middle Ages. Ismail : Ubaidalla : Al-Muizz : Establishing their Caliphate throughout the Islamic world and over throwing Abbasids. al-Muizz transferred the royal residence from Al-Mansuriya to the newly founded city of Cairo. Al-Hakim : Seljuk Turks : were a major branch of the Oghuz Turks and a dynasty that ruled parts of Central Asia and the Middle East from the 11th to 14th centuries. The Seljuks migrated from Central Asia into mainland Iran formerly known as Persia. The Seljuk Turks are regarded as the ancestors of the Western Turks, the present-day inhabitants of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. The Seljuk played a major role in the Middle Ages by creating a barrier to Europe against the Mongol invaders from the East, defending the Islamic world against Crusaders from the West, and conquering large parts of the Byzantine Empire. Battle of Manzikert : The Battle of Manzikert occurred on August 26, 1071 between the Byzantine Empire and Seljuk Turkish forces led by Alp Arslan, resulting in the defeat of the Byzantine Empire and the capture of Emperor Romanus IV Diogenes. Alexius Comneus : Urban II : was a Pope from 1088 to July 29, 1099. He is most known for starting the First Crusade (1096–99) and setting up the modern day Roman Curia, in the manner of a royal court, to help run the Church....
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ASH1044 studyguide2 - Fatimids : Fatimid Caliphate is a...

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