chapter 7 - :-) systematic, step-by-step procedure that...

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Psych - Chaper 7 Matching exercise mental representative of a category, group of objects, people etc concept :-) an examples that best represents a concept prototype :-) process of considering alternatives and chossing among them decision process :-) strategy based on simularity between an existing schema and a current object or situation representative heuristic :-) a way of presenting information to emphasize either a potential gain or loss framing :-) rules of thumb strategy devised from expereince heuristic :-) failure to see familiar objects or situations in a novel way functional fixedness
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Unformatted text preview: :-) systematic, step-by-step procedure that guarantees a solution algorithm :-) study of how language is acquired, produced and used psycholinguistics :-) smallest units of sound in a spoken language phonemes :-) programing of computer systems to stimulate human thinking artifical intelligence :-) the chimpanzee who learned to communicate using plastic chips Sarah :-) rules of grammar for the formation of sentences syntax :-) individuals ability to understand complex materials, learn from expereince and adapt to their enviroment intelligence :-) establishment of norms for the comparison of scores standardization :-)...
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