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chapter 8 - bonf between a child and its caretaker...

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Psych - Chapter 8 Matching exercise the gene that is expressed in the individual dominant :-) a research study done on the same group over time longitudinal :-) segments of the DNA that are located on the chromosomes and are the basic units for hereditary traits genes :-) harmful agents in the prenatal enviroment teratogens :-) identical twins monozygotic :-) condition caused by maternal alcohol intake during pregnancy fetal alcohol syndrome :-) a research technique to measure an infants understanding of depth and fear of falling visual cliff :-) inborn, unlearned, automatic responses reflexes :-) a person's characteristic behavioral style temperment :-) bonf between a child and its caretaker
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Unformatted text preview: :-) bonf between a child and its caretaker attachment :-) a parenting style in which parents set high but realistic goals, reason with their children and nurture open communication authoritative :-) a parenting style in which parents set arbitary rules, punish trangressions and value obedience to authority authoritarian :-) Erikson's first stage that sets the basis for the ability to relate to others trust vs mistrust :-) a type of dementia in which a progressive loss of intellect and personality occurs and which ends in death Alzheimer's Disease :-) a child's ability to understand the objects continus to exist even when they are out of sight object permanence :-)...
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