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Psych - Chapter 9 Matching exercise a process that initiates, directs and sustains behavior motivation :-) an internal stimulus tha motivates behavior incentive :-) inborn, unlearned fixed pattern of behavior instinct :-) Maslow's theory of motivation in which needs are placed in an order of urgency or primary importance hierarchy of needs :-) a state of tension or arousal arising from a biological need priamry need :-) rate at which the body burns calories to produce energy metabolic rate :-) an eating disorder with a distorted body image, fear of fat and loss of at least 25% of ideal body weight anorexia :-) a female sex hormone that promotes the secondary sex chartacteristics
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Unformatted text preview: estrogen :-) motives acquired through expereince and interaction with others social motives :-) a two-stage theory of emotion with 2 components; arousal & explanation Schachter-Singer theory :-) a theory of motivation based on the biological concept of homeostasis drive-reduction theory :-) motivation to perform an act to avoid some undesirable consequence or to gain a reward extrinsic :-) tendency of the body to maintain a balanced internal state homeostasis :-) condition in which sensory stimulation is reduced to a minimum or eliminated sensory deprivation :-) the part of the hypothalamus that acts as a satiety center & stops eating ventromedial hypothalamus :-)...
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