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Intro to bio - my friend better take my advice” I feel...

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Travis Quinn Intro to BioMed Mr. Dorau 5/12/2009 Intro to BioMed Surprise Quiz Uncle John’s Band 1. a. Are you kind? i. I believe that I am a kind person because am respectful of others and offer help when I see someone might need it. I also believe that by being a kind person, it makes a good impression on others. b. Will you come with me? i. I will come with you Fred, and take your advice to better help me learn about BioMed. c. Where does the time go? i. Besides into the past and into our memories, I have no idea where the time might go. This is a very good question. d. How does the song go? i. If the song is my choice, I am not sure what song to choose. I am a fan of almost all music and enjoy listening to just about any song. The song could go any way the singer wanted and I probably would enjoy it. 2. After researching the term “Buck Dance”, I think that the term means somebody that dances for a buck, or a stripper. The song says “It’s a buck dancer’s choice,
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Unformatted text preview: my friend; better take my advice”. I feel that this means it’s a difficult choice, but by taking advice it can make this difficult decision much easier. The reason why it’s called a buck dancers choice is because a stripper must choose to dance for the money or not to dance for the money. 3. By doing this quiz, I have learned that there are many different interpretations of songs and that it takes quite a bit of digging to get a good idea what a song is actually about. I have also found a couple of these questions to be surprisingly difficult such as Where does the time go? and How does the song go? . 4. I think that this was assigned to the class so that you could see if we are kind people and if we are willing to learn. In order to be in this field we have to be kind and make a good impression on others, and also be willing to learn and take advice....
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