Chapter Nine - : cable and Internet (e.g. Yahoo) systems

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Chapter 9 – Videogames * history : (pp. 270-71) Pinball > Slots > Pong Atari, Sega, Mattel, Namco Nintendo, and NEC CD-ROM, network games, “first person” games * : * games – interactive video * “good” games – pp. 278-79 * broad-based demographics (pp. 277), avg. 6.8 hrs./week (television = 7.5 hrs./week/HH), replacing tv and at-theater movies * scope and nature of the industry : multi-function consoles (e.g. PSP) third-party publishers (independents) * trends and convergence
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Unformatted text preview: : cable and Internet (e.g. Yahoo) systems hypercommercialization : 1. targeted products and messages (Fig. 9.3, pp. 284) 2. sticky = heavy user of a game/program 3. product placement ads more effective in games 4. advergames and advocacy games (an electronic Disney World where sponsors present special windows or games within a program) ethics : videogames have similar gender portrayal and violence problems as other media (pp. 286 and 288-89)...
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