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University of Southern California Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering ISE 310L Production I; Facilities and Logistics Spring 2000 April Handouts (Part 3) MicroCRAFT and MULTIPLE Dr. Ardavan Asef-Vaziri
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Let’s take a second look at CRAFT. 1) Only adjacent or equal-size departments are interchanged by CRAFT. Why? When you interchange two departments of the same size, nothing happens to the remainder of the layout. The other departments remain fixed in their position. The same is true for interchanging two adjacent departments. Their interchange does not create any change in remainder of the layout. This is a key point from computational point of view. If interchange result in change in the whole layout, then a considerable time is requires to generate the new layout. Off course we will not examine all possibilities, but in facilities layout - and in our life - we are always sacrificing some thing to get some thing else. Here we sacrifice possibility of finding a better solution, for a tremendous saving in solution time. By the way, there are two points deserving real attention. a) Even if we interchange all pairs of departments, still we can not claim that we have found the optimal solution. We can only claim that we have obtained 2-Opt solution. b) More surprisingly, the solution obtained by interchange of all departments is not necessarily better than the solution obtained from interchange of only adjacent and equal size departments. 2) CRAFT assumes that when two departments are interchanged, their centoids are
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note7 - University of Southern California Department of...

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