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University of Southern California Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering ISE 582: Web Technology for Industrial Engineering Introduction to Java – Setup (Prepared by Arpi Mardirossian) In order to create Java programs, you must have access to a Java compiler. The compiler is a software package that translates the code you write into “machine language” that the computer understands. Outline below are the steps to take in creating Java programs: (1) Write Java code using any text editor (Notepad, Word, Emacs) or code editor (JBuilder, JEdit, Crimson Editor). (2) Save the code with the format <filename>.java (3) Compile your code. This process takes your <filename>.java file and uses it to create a new file with the format <filename>.class (4) Run your program. For the purposes of this class, there are two ways you can get the Java compiler. The following outlines the options: You can download the Java compiler to your personal computer.
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