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trans alaska pipeline

trans alaska pipeline - 1 When There's a Will There's a Way...

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When There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Building the Trans Alaska Pipeline and its Effects on the Environment Major: Natural Resources Advisor: Steven Wolf Assumed Name: William H. Seward 1
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The term “Seward’s Folly” commonly describes the apparent catastrophic mistake of the United States purchasing the worthless Alaska “icebox” in the 19 th century. Little did the expanding country know that the acquirement of the land was one of the wisest economic investments the United States has ever made. In 1968, the United States discovered a substantial oil reserve in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (Mayer). Because Prudhoe Bay is located in the northern region, scientists needed to establish a means of transporting the oil to the continental United States. An idea was proposed to construct a pipeline from the reserve to the Port of Valdez in the south, totaling about 800 miles. The strategy, however, faced a multitude of environmental objections; the pipeline would threaten habitats, disturb wildlife migration routes, and pose the threat of an oil spill on the delicate tundra (Mayer). After various arguments, lawsuits, proposals and revisions at the federal level, the petition to build the pipeline passed. Among the environmental impact statements, the consideration of Alaska’s permafrost and the concern for her wildlife mark the most important obstacles that engineers faced. Even when these various requirements were met, however, the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) still failed to uphold many of the standards. The ultimate lesson learned from the construction of the pipeline is despite any environmental regulations and precautions, however strict, drawbacks will inevitably occur and
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  • Fall '06
  • Exxon Valdez oil spill, environmental impact statements, valdez oil spill, Valdez, Alaska, Alaska Pipeline

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trans alaska pipeline - 1 When There's a Will There's a Way...

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