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Matthew Glynn Engineering Seminar Homework #6 A. #13 Determine whether your university has a student code of conduct. If it does, obtain a copy and review the list of actions that warrant disciplinary action. The College of Engineering at my university does not have a student code of conduct . I reviewed the General catalog and could not find it mentioned. B. #14 Write a brief opinion as to how you would handle each of the ethical dilemmas posed in Section 6.6. Discuss your responses with at least one other student. For the first dilemma, I would keep the answers to myself if I inadvertently saw them.
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Unformatted text preview: For the second dilemma, I would not tell my professor he incorrectly totaled points. For the third dilemma, I would let my friend look at how I did the homework, Afterall, he was sick. For the fourth dilemma, I would give the professor the grade he deserves. For the fifth dilemma, I would talk to my professor after class. For the sixth dilemma, I would respect the deans authority. For the seventh dilemma, I would not do anything about two students exchanging papers during an exam....
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