chp4ex3 - printf("Sum how many numbers:...

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Sheet1 Page 1 /* * chp4ex3.c * This program asks for a number which * counts that amount of consecutive odd integers * and finds the sum. */ //include default material #include <stdio.h> #include "genlib.h" #include "simpio.h" int main() { //amount of odd numbers int AmountOfOddNumbers = 0 //used to hold the temporary value of each number in the loop int FindOddNumber = 0 int SumOfOddNumbers = 0 printf("This program calculates the sum of the first N odd numbers.\n") //prompt the user for the amount of odd integers
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Unformatted text preview: printf(&quot;Sum how many numbers: &quot;) AmountOfOddNumbers = GetInteger() //loop to find each odd number and add it to SumOfOddNumbers for(int x=0 //find the odd number FindOddNumber = x*2+1 //add the odd number to the sum SumOfOddNumbers += FindOddNumber } //print the sum of the odd integers printf(&quot;The sum of the first %d odd integers is %d.\n&quot;, AmountOfOddNumbers, SumOfOddNumbers) } Sheet1 Page 2 x&lt;AmountOfOddNumbers x++){...
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chp4ex3 - printf(&amp;amp;quot;Sum how many numbers:...

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