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Marketing Management Report -SURFSIDE LEISURESCAPES Student ID: Lu Dai Student Number: 250410021 Instructor: Sean Cauterman Section 002
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Executive Summary New competitors coming into Newmarket challenged Surfside. The old marketing strategy is not able to increase sale. In order to increase sale by 25%, Surfside needs to focus on the following areas: - Select a target market - Product and services - Promotion Dealer/Brand loyal customer is selected as target market. Greater competition is from big-box retailers for price sensitive customers, and from three direct competitors for quality conscious customers. Dealer/ Brand loyal customer is most suitable to Surfside’s capabilities. It’s also a good long time investment market. Sales would increase annually and more stable. Both product lines keep carrying, as the sale share is close. Targeted market needs production from both product lines. Funds from Jacuzzi and all incentive programs from Pacific are putting into Balance Sheet as account receivable. This is because uncertainty of when and how much they will be. Marketing budget remains the same. Hiring additional salesperson summed totally salary $70,000 and 6% incentive commissions add to operating expenses. Setting a premium for the better salespeople can increase competition between them. Make use of low sale season, salespersons can go for training provided by Jacuzzi. The left time will used for promotion activities. Space for showing models is a problem for Pacific’s hot tub. Only 240 square-foot is available for Pacific. Solar T and Titan LT are suggested to cancel order. Saturn T will be used for on sale promotion and would be sold out before peak season, leaving space for other higher sale products. The layout needs to change and provide 2 coffee tables for customers in the hot tub area. The services are focusing on making friends other than selling customer products. They are through normal and basic communication. After sale services are very important to show friendliness. Collecting customer data with address and email, so that regards can be sent through direct mails. Promotions include radio broadcast, Food and Home Magazine, Direct Mail, incentive event and personal visit. The total cost is about $50,000, under the budget line. Era Banner and Newmarket Home Show are not suggested, as they hardly create sales for such a luxury purchase. Incentive event is low selling price sale for Mothers’ Day. 12 Saturn T hot tubs will be sold at the price of $4,999 providing a valuable gift to mother. Salespersons are settling for the personal visit during the low sale season, taking regards to customers represent Surfside. All these promotions are in the desire of helping build more friendly image to consumer, therefore to increase the sale. In the coming year, more new competitors will get into this industry. The marketing opportunity is
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edited - Marketing Management Report-SURFSIDE LEISURESCAPES...

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