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wine report - The Effects of Shoot Thinning and Lead...

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The Effects of Shoot Thinning and Lead Pulling on the pH and Brix of the Noiret Grape By KK Carothers Introduction: The experiment tested how various vineyard treatments influence the pH and Brix level of the hybrid Noiret grape. Researching hybrid grapes is important because successful hybrids create opportunities for grape growers, particularly for growers working in unfavorable conditions (cold weather, poor soil, etc), to combine different varieties to produce a maximally optimal wine. Previous research reports indicate that the red Noiret grape hints of pepper, raspberry, blackberry and mint. Distinguishing it from other reds is the “fine tannin structure that is complete from the front of the mouth to the back. The tannin structure and the absence of any hybrid aromas distinguish this selection from other red hybrid grapes” (Reisch 1). These characteristics make Noiret an especially impressive species because it masks its hybrid status, a traditionally unfavorable asset. It is disease susceptible, particularly to powdery mildrew, Botrytis, black rot, and downy mildew. Beneficial to the New York area, the vines can survive in cold weather. The trunks, however, do not grow well in cold temperatures (Reisch 3). The treatments performed include leaf pulling, shoot thinning, leaf pulling and
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wine report - The Effects of Shoot Thinning and Lead...

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