Ah Q - The True Story of Ah Q Book Review Lu Dai 250410021...

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The True Story of Ah Q Book Review Lu Dai 250410021 History 028E Book Review Instructor: James A. Flath March 11 th , 2008
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The True Story of Ah Q is a biography about a man called Ah Q. The way the author Lu Hsun talks is different from other biographies during that period time; it shows the evidences of a western style, more casual, less limited. The story described Ah Q’s adult life till death . Throughout Ah Q and other people around him, Lu Hsun brought out the theme of this book, also the reason he became a writer instead of a doctor. Which is to expose Chinese at that time still were not aware of decline of a nation, and kept the self-blocked, self- complacent,self- deluded attitude and resigned themselves to adversity. Lu Hsun tried to show the nation’s darkness and people’s scoundrelism; tried to awake these people to conquer themselves and strengthen the nation. Ah Q’s life was changed in the 1911 revolution. It was a period of changing government. The Qing Dynasty was ending, and a new government was building up. It was an unstable time, and full of war and death. Ah Q was a small farm laborer, but he always tried to catch people’s sight. After times of mortification and oppression, he came up with moral victories to comfort himself. He used words and images in his own mind to create a reason showing that he was winning. After failure of advance to Amah Wu, his social position was even lower. For livelihood, he left Weichuang to another town; and become a petty thief. Back to Weichuang, he took the advantage of revolution, scared the people in Weichuang. But next day, he found out he was barred. After the revolutionaries robbed Chao’s family, Ah Q was killed as a fall guy.
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Ah Q - The True Story of Ah Q Book Review Lu Dai 250410021...

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