Dec4 - Dec 4th, 2007 The Tokugawa System Ieyasu becomes...

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Dec 4th, 2007 The Tokugawa System e - Ieyasu becomes Shogun in 1603 - Pacifies the entire country by 1615 - Tokugawa family shogunate would last until 1868 - Shogunal capital established in Edo e (modern Tokyo) - Daimyo had to maintain two households, one in their home province and the other in Edo - Their families held as quasi-hostages in Edo Ranks of Daimyo e - Daimyo administered their domains under Tokugawa administration - Largest domain belonged to the Tokugawa - Collateral branches of Tokugawa family surrounded central domain - House daimyo e (fudai) spread out throughout the country - Non-related daimyo e (tozama) had large holdings in their periphery Government - Imperial court respected and had Tokugawa deputy assigned to Kyoto - Shogunal government staffed by house daimyo - Inspectors sent to spy on daimyo and act as policemen - Law of Edo regulated the entire country Society - Search to restrict social mobility - Samurai on top Had Sole access to government post - Peasants and townmen in the middle - Merchants at the bottom, but became very wealthy - Clergy and outcastes outside the system The Suppression of Christianity - After the victory of the Tokugawa, Spanish and Portuguese presence increasingly unwelcome - Christians seem as a possible subversive threat to help westerner take Japan - Tokugawa Shogunate throws out Christian missionaries in 1612 - Shimabara rebellion in 1637 leads to full suppression Restriction of Contact - Trade contacts with the west reduced to just one trade mission a year with the Dutch at
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Dec4 - Dec 4th, 2007 The Tokugawa System Ieyasu becomes...

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