Nov13 - November 13th 2007 History of East Asia(History...

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th , 2007 History of East Asia (History 028E) - Term paper include title page, question number, your name, and course number - Look at the syllabus correction KORYO KOREA, YUAN CHINA, AND THE MONGOL EMPIRE The Decline of Silla: - Rebellions in the northern and southwestern parts of Korea – split Silla - Led to the rise of the new kingdoms of Later Koguryo and Later Paekche - Generals in Later Koguryo stages a coup in 918 - Wang K ǒ n shortens the name of Later Kogury ǒ to Kory ǒ - Kory ǒ starts out in northern Korea The Rise of Koryo (918-1392): - Wang K ǒ n fought wars against Later Paekche and Silla - Kory unifies the peninsula when last Silla ruler surrenders in 935 ǒ - Establishment of an aristocratic kingdom with a high influence of Buddhism - Capital in Kaes ng in central Korea – from the border of nowadays demilitarized ǒ zone Aristocratic Culture and Government: - More aristocrats than in Silla - Controlled powerful estates with peasants (can leave the land) and slaves (cannot leave the land – go along with the land like transactions) - Aristocrats had exclusive access to high office – always restricted on birth; stronger emphasis on birth than China - Buddhist religious establishment rich with lands and economic and political influence - Often advices to kings Military Revolt – 1170: - The military revolted due to discrimination from civil officials - Took control of government - Kory kings still reigned, but real power under military council ǒ - Major military family was the Ch’oe family, which ruled Kory until 1258 ǒ Kory and the Mongols: ǒ - Mongols started attacks in 1215 - Major invasion in 1231 - Unique military strategy – long-range bows - Military and royal government takes refuge in the islands off western Korea
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Nov13 - November 13th 2007 History of East Asia(History...

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