Sep24 - Sep 24,2007 The Chunzi (gentlemen) A superior,...

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Sep 24,2007 The Chunzi (gentlemen) e - A superior, cultivated man - Should possess integrity, righteousness, loyalty, sincerity, and above all, humanity or benevolence (ren)e - Polished by proper conduct or performance of ritual The Supernatural - Not really addressed Confucious stressed, importance of the here and now - Later Confucians question existence of spirits - Revence of heaven and cosmic harmony - Shown by proper social conduct - Confucians did not talk much about human nature Confucious' Disciples - Confucious died with only a small following - Saying complied in the Analects (Lunyu)e - Number of Confucious grew in the century after “Confucious ” death - Major discrples were Mencious e and Xunzi e Mencius (370-290BCE) - Went beyond Confucious in focusing on human nature - Human nature is naturally good, but clouded by ignorance - Need education and self-cultivation to build virtue The “Mandate of Heaven” e - Mercius believed that rulers acquired their position through heaven Mandate - Ruler should be motivated to increase the welfare of the people and act benevolently - If the ruler did not act this way, this was a sign that he had lost Heaven’s mandate and people were justified to rise up against him Impact of Mencius - Mencius’ interpretation of Confucianism influential, but not dominant - Only achieved dominance during the Song dynasty in the 11 th century CE, when his writing were put on par with those of Confucious
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Sep24 - Sep 24,2007 The Chunzi (gentlemen) A superior,...

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