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Qing Empire A period of great expansion, and obtained the largest territory in Chinese history. How did the Manchu achieve the conquest of most of East Aisa? Manchu are decedents of Jurchen people, located north of Korea. How did they managed to attack Ming in the South? Manchu are military people, ride, shoot and hunt. Combined into aggressive military skills Banner system : 8 banners, military purpose Advantage of living in the north : able to form alliances with Mongols. They managed to take over entire northern part of China. Time and luck also contributed to the rise of Qing. Ming had problems, which gave Manchu opportunities. Wu Sangui was responsible of guarding the Great Wall, but he turned to Manchu. In return he asked for his or territory. (1644, Shanhaiguan) Too many rivers down in the South. Yangzi, Changjiang. To solve Kangxi r. 1661-1722 He came to power at very young age. He proves his abilities by planning to take over other region and put himself on throne. He also had secretly training guards. 1673-81 War of three Feudatories Wu Sangui and other two feudal lords wanted to rebellion against Manchu. Manchu was still at early stage, unstable. Kangxi decided to lead Manchu military to the south and over threw the feudal lords himself. 1683 Taiwan-Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong) -Zheng Chenggong was loyal to Ming -good at sea battles -Taiwan wasn’t civilized till then, controlled by aboriginal people until the Dutch came along to set administrative -Zheng Chenggong set base at Taiwan, forced the Dutch to evacuate. -this is a concern to Manchu -Taiwan become a territory of China after Zheng Chenggong died, his descendents were forced out of Taiwan 1689 Treaty of Nerchinsk -diplomatic policy with Russia since Russia is expanding to the east, became close to China
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1697 Defeat of Galdan -western Mongols were enemy to Manchu, Galdan is the leader -controlled Xinjiang, limit the expansion of Manchu -Kangxi must deal with Russia and Galdan at the same time 1720 Invasion of Tibet -Mongols act as patrons in exchange for spiritual since Yuan dynasty -Tibet is still a debatable topic
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Jan_8th_Qing - Qing Empire A period of great expansion and...

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