Jan_15_Japan - Short Definitions SEE WEBCT Japan – formed...

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Short Definitions SEE WEBCT Japan – formed of Islands Russia, north of Japan Kagoshima-poor, ports, trade Hagi – smaller city, important role Tokyo – on bay, edge of plain, important city Q:What distinguished the Tokugawa shogunate from previous military regimes? A: Tokugawa starts to act like a state, setting up infrastructure beyond personal need, interference Daimyo, assert authority over people. Centralization and autocracy - central political regime, and autocratic system Edo as political, economic and cultural centre - before, Kyoto was the political centre - Edo is distant from the emperor - Small farm village - Feudal system, important to control domain, build castle, army, defend domain Extensive efforts to control Daimyo - Weaken the rival, daimyo, through battles, and ensure the rest are loyal to him - force them contribute to the building of castle (labour, cash) Strict social hierarchy - sign document to swear loyalty - prior, hierarchy were fluid - Tokugawa eliminate social movements (keep a stable society) Redistribute land - Shogun redistribute land that is closes to castle to people who he trusts - Break alliances by moving people around Gun control - imported cannons are controlled Eliminate power of individual Daimyo Each domain is only allowed to have one castle Shogun also interference with family relations - prevent alliance by marriage by Daimyo Daimyo and Hatamoto employed by Bakufu(government of Tokugawa)
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Jan_15_Japan - Short Definitions SEE WEBCT Japan – formed...

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