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Food Stamp Program: Formed in the 1930’s, The Food Stamp Program in the United States started with intentions to aims to target the lower income families in high risk areas of the country. Literal stamps are now obsolete and a card that resembles an ATM card (EBT card) you would typically receive from your local bank is distributed to the qualified families to purchase certain foods at grocery stores. Through the gradual transition, all states in the U.S. have transferred to using the simple EBT card. According to the USDA, 26 million people per month are provided with the food stamps so that they can provide food for their families. A typical four person family can be eligible for food stamps if they make less than $2,238 per month combined total. For this family, the government would provide a combined total of $542 for their basic food needs. However, the government does not simply give out the benefits for free, there are certain eligibility requirements for the program. Eligibility requires that anyone in the
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